Production of hydraulic presses

NAVA is actively engaged in the manufacture of presses for numerous fields of industrial application, in particular in the fields, with applications in both the Italian and global market:

  • cold forming of sheet metal
  • moulding of thermoplastics for automotive applications
  • hydroforming of sheet metal and pipes.

Company Profile

The NAVA company was founded in the early nineteen sixties on the strength of the highly motivated desire of the Nava brothers to create something new in the field of hydraulic production presses, paying tribute to and continuing in the spirit of the early founders.


Our Company focuses on the market’s need for hydraulic presses for extremely effective deep-drawing and press forming, with efficient solutions in terms of the ratio of investment to performance and reliability over a very long operating lifespan.


Retrofitting: protect the value of your investments in the long term.

Machinery available:
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NAVA, the strength of safety

Established in Monza in the early 1960s, the company was founded by the NAVA brothers, who were highly motivated to pursue their goal: to innovate in the field of hydraulic production presses.
Today, the new generation continues with the same passion that drove the company’s founders, concentrating their energy on the need to supply the national and international market with hydraulic presses for deep-drawing and moulding that are ever more effective and efficient, taking into account not only the technical objective of the quality/quantity of forming but also sustainability and the environmental footprint, in other words by reducing energy expenditure to a minimum for all the sources used.

NAVA offers solutions for high-tech hydraulic presses, which represent an excellent performance/price ratio, especially considering the high quality design and construction, thus allowing excellent production results, safety and reliability for a long operating life. For us it is very important to focus on the efficiency of the overall cost of operating a system over time, not just the initial purchase price, aiming to eliminate all the hidden costs resulting from inadequate quality.

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