NAVA, the power of safety

NAVA designs and manufactures high-tech hydraulic presses, with an excellent performance/price ratio and high quality design and construction, using components from leading brands worldwide.

During the design phase, NAVA takes into account various environmental factors such as energy saving and reduction of noise and vibration, resulting in a lower overall operating cost of the system.

A fundamental point in the design is the users’ safety: starting from the strict compliance with all applicable regulations, proceeding by trying to anticipate the needs which are likely to be present during the use of the press in order to further improve the user’s experience in terms of safety and comfort.

Simple operation and programming, to obtain working cycles adapted to the specific needs of the mould.
The most advanced applications we have developed are in Industry 4.0, complete with software for production traceability.

Quality of service: NAVA customer support during purchase, start-up and subsequent series production. Support also through the telediagnosis service via internet.

NAVA offers a wide range of technological solutions and innovations in the field of hydraulic presses, realizes both standard and customized constructions according to the specific production needs and guarantees a prompt assistance to the Customer.

NAVA operates both in the Italian and international market with its press construction business for a wide range of industrial applications, including:

  • cold forming of sheet metal
  • moulding of thermoplastic materials
  • hydroforming of tubes and sheet metal
  • elastoforming
  • straightening
  • clamping/unclamping
  • mould test
  • compression of high power transformer windings


Our company has always been sensitive to environmental and energy saving issues, often anticipating cultural and market trends. All this translates into concrete solutions implemented in the design of our machines, which are visibly reflected in the practical use of NAVA presses. The cornerstones are the continuous improvement of the hydraulic system – the real heart of the press – and of the electrical/electronic system, as well as the training of the end user, because great potential also lies in the day-to-day operation of the machine.

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