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Hydraulic Presses:

ManufacturerModelForce [ton] Blank holder force [ton] Dimensions of the surfaces [mm] Note
Nava2MI 1000/4201000 (1200)4204000x2500construction in progress
Nava2MI 280/125-a2801251200x1000overhauled
Nava2MI 250/125-b2501251600x1200overhauled
Nava2MI 250/1252501251600x1200construction in progress
Nava2MI 160/80160801200x1000construction in progress
Nava2MI 160/80160801200x1000construction in progress
Nava2MI 100/5010050900x700construction in progress
Nava2MRT 220220-2800x1500
Nava2MPS 8080-2000x1500press for mould testing
Galdabini400/200 ton4002001660x1360
Galdabini250/125 ton2501251600x1200
Galdabini160/80 ton160801200x1000
Emanuel400/1604001602500x1800"CE" of the original manufacturer - overhauled
Cavenaghi & Ridolfi230/1101001001200x1000
Pressa per coniatura4CS 10001000570x1000 4-column
TCS4 CS 100100500x500 4-column with heated planes
OmaferHE 250 S2502400x1500swan-neck

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