With these 11,000 kn and 5,000 kn presses, both with 2500×1800 mm plates, NAVA confirms its position as the reference supplier for applications featuring high quality content and performance. Hence, it is the ideal technical partner for all moulding companies that plan on expanding their horizons and business, making technology a winning weapon to beat the low cost, poor quality competition.

The top of the range model is 2MI 1100/500 for deep-drawing, with 11,000 kN maximum ram force, 5,000 kN bottom sheet-clamp, 800 kN third top action, and 2,500×1,800 mm working plates. The model with lesser force is 2MI 500/300 for deep-drawing, with 5,000 kN maximum ram force, 3,000 kN bottom sheet-clamp, and 2,500×1,800 mm working plates. Each of the two presses is equipped with a ram with maximum adjustable force and driven with flat guides on eight tracks, with a high ratio between the guide height and the size of the plates.

With these characteristics, these presses are conceived as the solution to special deep and very deep moulding needs for stainless steel tanks intended for the industrial sectors of domestic appliances and medical devices.

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The translation of the full article published in the magazine “Lamiera news – october 2015 ” is reported below.