Hydroforming presses

The hydroforming equipment consists of a hydraulic press that closes and pressurizes the mould and coordinates the movement of other actuators in the mould – hydraulically operated – to give rise to a synergic action that forms the workpiece.

Forming is carried out in a synergic way with the action of the pressure multiplier that introduces the fluid at very high pressure into the workpiece, thus contributing to forming: the piece is in fact expanded by the action of the fluid and at the same time contained / deformed by the action of the mould and the related co-ordinated actuators.

This technology makes it possible to produce parts with complex geometries that cannot be formed using traditional deep-drawing processes.
It is suitable for the production of parts in the aerospace sector, in the automotive industry, in the production of frames for motorbikes and bicycles, in the tap fittings and furniture sectors.
In general hydroforming is a winning process where the forming performance of traditional processes is limited, forcing a very fragmented, critical and therefore expensive process.

Advantages of our hydroforming presses

  • High machine stiffness, ideal for precision moulding and long life of the moulds.
  • Weight saving of the piece which allows to reduce costs.
  • More accurate products, less stressed material therefore not subject to residual welding stress typical of moulded and then composite parts, more uniform thicknesses, more regular surface appearance, more favourable dimensional characteristics.
presse per idroformatura
250 ton press for the production of fittings
presse per idroformatura
Press for hydroforming of large format tubes, typically exhaust pipes for aerospace and motorbikes.
presse per idroformatura
800 ton press for the production of expansion compensators

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