Sheet metal deep-drawing

Deep-drawing is a technological process that, starting from flat sheet metal, allows to obtain objects with various shapes according to the mould installed on the press.
It is carried out by means of a punch that pushes the sheet metal inside a matrix die with the shape corresponding to the piece to be manufactured. The flow of the sheet metal to be moulded is controlled by means of the sheet-clamping function (bottom cushion) during the forming process in order to prevent the formation of wrinkles or tears in the material.

All NAVA hydraulic presses in this series are designed for deep-drawing of sheet metal ranging from mild carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, aeronautical alloys.
In this way parts having different shapes such as cylinders, tanks, pump bodies, parts for the household sector, hotel/restoration/catering, large communities, medical, household appliances are produced.
Increasing the presses size and strength results in forming large parts, for example for the automotive industry, large tanks for food/process industry, and the aeronautical sector.
The range of presses produced varies from small and medium sized models up to presses with large format plates and a pressing force of over 30.000 kN.
The NAVA presses are distinguished by the high rigidity of the structure designed to guarantee precision moulding and long life of the moulds.

The supply is customised according to the customer’s production requirements and equipped with the following optional extras:

  • Sheet-clamping with variation in reaction force during the deep-drawing
  • Sheet-clamping with active cycle for deep-drawing from below
  • Extractor cylinder integrated in the ram
  • Application of retractable sliding rollers on the fixed table and additional roller bracket to facilitate the mould change
  • Balancing device for pressing loads
  • Blanking device
  • Mould clamping device and automatic mould change
  • Automated piece loading/unloading systems

The presses in this series can also be used as mould tests and/or pre-series.

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