Automatic moulding lines

For advanced production processes, the lines of presses for moulding metal plates are complete lines with all the components for the separation, transportation of the plates and deep-drawing.

Complete line for deep-drawing (presses with deep-drawing cushion with third action for extraction of the piece).

Including presses with cushions for triple action deep-drawing for more integrated machining of the workpiece, these systems are designed to meet the needs of customer and are customised to the production requirements.
In fact, production lines are often requested for customised moulds, to reduce costs and maximize productivity with less waste of material.

The configuration of the proposed system includes hydraulic presses, electronic feeders to manage the progress and the translation of the material, hydraulic punching unit and other possibilities for deep drawing of metal plates.

NAVA deep-drawing press lines

The company designs and manufactures solutions to automate the production process through all the moulding phases using hydraulic presses.
With the aid of automated devices for handling the workpiece and mould changes.
A line of hydraulic presses is offered which is characterised by high quality and efficiency, which confirms the traditional strengths of NAVA production presses, in particular including a specific design for 24-hour production and moulding.

Complete systems are designs and manufactured for forming and moulding sheet metal with hydraulic presses, feeding lines, moulds, workpiece handling systems.
According to the different production needs, the research conducted at the NAVA technical department in Monza results in a variety of solutions that guarantee a high level of integration and automation of the moulding processes.

Main advantages of NAVA press lines

  • High stiffness of the machine, ideal for precision moulding and the long life of the moulds.
  • Simple operation and programming, to obtain working cycles adapted to the specific needs of the mould.
  • Quality of service: NAVA provides customer service during the stages of purchase, starting and testing at full production. The company also provides support using remote diagnostics via internet.
  • The hydraulic presses can be supplied with automated mould change and mould clamping.

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