Multi-station presses

The multi-station press is the sum of multiple connected and integrated presses within a single machine.

The various stations, which manage the phases that follow the moulding until the finished part is obtained, work in complete autonomy and are independent of each other: they are in fact each equipped with a ram, a sheet-clamp and a third action.

The transfer of the preformed product from one station to the next takes place by means of fast and efficient transfer system.
These presses produce small parts, such as pump bodies or other complex parts that need to be mechanically coupled with strict dimensional tolerances without the need for further machining.

Advantages of our multi-station presses:

  • High machine stiffness, ideal for precision moulding and long life of the moulds.
  • The technological advantage consists in the possibility of reversing the deep-drawing process between one processing step and the next.
  • Pieces that can be formed more easily as they are preheated by the various moulding steps.
  • Significant space saving.

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