Presses for mould testing

The hydraulic presses for mould testing are designed and manufactured to set-up the moulds made so that they can be qualified and be immediately productive when installed on the production presses.

To obtain the best performance from the moulding lines, it is useful to check the moulds thoroughly using a specially designed press, which allows finishing operations on both internal faces of the mould without compromising the centring of the two halves.

With a view to organising every single process, to make it faster and less expensive, this press is a fundamental help to mould manufacturers to carry out tests on movements, closures and extraction of moulds and to carry out control operations on geometries, calibrated thicknesses and finishing of metal surfaces.

The press uses a system designed to facilitate access to the two parts of the mould consisting of an extractable table for the lower mould and a plate that can be tilted under the ram up to 90°, capable of preparing the upper mould in the event of corrective actions or inspection.

Advantages of the presses for mould testing:

  • Very precise coupling of the two lower and upper moulds, thanks to robust structures and special mechanical solutions.
  • Even after repeated infeed / outfeed of one or both tables, the two parts of the mould (each rigidly clamped to the respective press table) are always reliably aligned with the press within tight tolerances.
  • Constant level of centering precision between the lower and upper mould over time.
  • The mechanical solutions implemented on our presses are very conservative: they allow in particular an easy recovery of the clearance on the sliding guides, even after decades of intensive use.

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