Thermoplastic moulding presses

These hydraulic presses are designed for the moulding parts used in passenger compartments of motor vehicles, constituted by a multi-layer of thermoplastic materials.

Press for drawing, large plate format, for one or more (composite multi-layer) thermoplastic parts for automotive applications.

They are equipped with all the control devices for the cooling of the part in the mould by means of water temperature control and for the heating of the punches in the moulds for optimum configuration of thermoplastic moulding. These hydraulic presses also control the pneumatic or hydraulic actuators integrated in the moulds.

This solution is technically much superior to that often adopted by competitors: the control of the auxiliary movements of the moulds – hydraulic or pneumatic – is integrated into the press cycle and is therefore actively manned and self-controlled, so as to constantly monitor the synchronisation of simultaneous movements.

Moreover, the mould thermal profile control – cooling, heating – is also integrated into the press control, so that all the variables that contribute to the process are always coordinated and synchronised to ensure constant quality.

Thermoplastic material and moulding presses

The process is aimed at forming pieces made of appropriate materials coupled together to create a multilayer with both technical and aesthetic value, integrating it with any functional inserts.

This moulding technology can be used in the automotive interiors sector, as well as in composites or other sectors.

Main advantages of NAVA thermoplastic moulding presses

  • Stiffness of the machine, ideal for precision moulding and the long life of the moulds, especially when there are tools with cutting blades.

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