Straightening presses

They are used to process raw steel mill products or to finish already welded groups to the desired shape, the machines manufactured are distinguished by high structural rigidity, maximum control flexibility and precision.

presse raddrizzatrici
Press with movable cylinder for straightening sheet metal and carpentry
presse raddrizzatrici
Horizontal press for straightening/centring bars, profiles, beams, pipes.

High precision straightening presses

The presses in this range are used for precision straightening of already machined parts such as: columns, pistons, large shafts.

Suitable for finishing elements that have already been rectified and which, as a result of surface heat treatment, are outside the axis straightness tolerance.

These presses are equipped with a mobile load application device that allows them to position on the affected areas and straighten the workpiece in the order of hundredths of a millimetre.

F.lli NAVA also designs customised presses, suitable for any production need of the customer.

presse raddrizzatrici
High precision straightener with no. 2 stations for straightening and surface finishing of the pieces

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