Production of special presses

The work of designing and manufacturing special presses is intended to meet the various production needs of customers, the machines manufactured are distinguished by high rigidity of the structure, maximum flexibility of control and precision.

This range of presses includes:

Presses used in the high power transformer sector

We have produced numerous presses for some of the industry leaders, introducing a significant change in the compacting process, precisely by moving from an almost manual and “not numerically controlled” compression process (carried out with screw/nut press systems) to a numerically controlled system in which the pressure exerted by the press ensures parallelism between the two end surfaces and a force that is constantly controlled and displayed at every stage of its advancement.

Our presses make it possible to have an automated tracking of the cycle performed associated with the serial number of the workpieces.

Considerable attention has been paid to operator safety and optimisation of work cycles (which have been made faster thanks to the introduction of innovative technology using special self-propelled structures).

presse speciali

Press used to compact the windings of the high power transformers.
model 2MSL 250, max. force 2.500 kN

Presses for clamping and unclamping

The horizontal column presses used to clamp and unclamp wheels, flywheels, gears, impellers etc. on shafts and/or railway axles are equipped with two height-adjustable supports to hold the piece during machining and a graphic recorder of the forces exerted.

presse speciali
Horizontal press with 2 columns max. force 3.200 kN

presse speciali
Horizontal press with 2 columns max. force 6.000 kN

Special column presses with triple action

4.000 kN column press during assembly.
At the right 2 uprights presses for die cutting with conveyor belt, max. force 1.600 kN

presse speciali

Swan neck presses

The hydraulic swan-neck presses (single upright presses) are presses used to carry out moulding and straightening operations, they have a limited footprint, are very versatile and can be used for various applications.

presse speciali
Swan-neck press ram force 3.200 kN and sheet-clamp force 1.250 kN
presse speciali
Swan-neck press with 1.600 kN ram force, bottom surface 2000×1500 mm, outreach 1200 mm

Special coining presses

Hydraulic metal coining presses are not equipped with sheet-clamp.

Coining press for metal sheet coining with ram force of 6.000 kN
Coining press for ram force 12.000 kN

F.lli NAVA, on request, develops customised special press projects.

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