The Turin-based company TRALE produces components for cars with high resistance stainless steel sheets using certain hydraulic presses manufactured by NAVA. This technological equipment ensures reliability, energy efficiency and high productive performance, and comprises one 250 ton press for each deep-drawing with 110 ton bottom sheet-clamp, and a 110 ton deep-drawing press with 50 ton bottom sheet-clamp.

NAVA has prepared the machines with some interesting devices, such as the predisposition for the application of shearing stroke damping cylinders or asymmetric load balancing on the mould, and the modular software predisposition to insert special working cycles or machining to be integrated with the closed mould, monitoring the correct programmed course of the sequence of intervention/return phases of the actuators.

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The translation of the full article published in the magazine “lamiera news – march 2016” is reported below.