At our office in Monza, we not only develop the designs for the production of various types of presses and provide accurate services for all our customers' needs.

presse oleodinamiche
presse oleodinamiche
  • Pre-sales services, definition of technical specifications for presses and various moulding solutions.
  • General services for the production presses sector, from the initial study of the design to prototyping and series moulding phases.
  • After-sales services, personnel training, warranty maintenance and remote assistance service, equipment life cycle management
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Thanks to continuous maintenance and possible overhaul of your presses, the value of your investment will be protected over time. Periodic checks make it possible to ensure that machines in operation maintain the level of safety originally foreseen by the manufacturer, avoid the risk of accidents and reduce sudden production stops.
  • Retrofitting of NAVA presses or other brands, with adaptation and safety set-up in accordance with current regulations.
  • Interface for Industry 4.0.
  • Rental of presses or other moulding equipment.
  • Development of automatic systems dedicated to the handling of moulded parts, in collaboration with specialised partners, starting from simple moulding stations (equipped with robots or other systems for loading/unloading pieces) up to the entire line fully automated both in the transfer of pieces and in the mould changeover.
  • We have a well-stocked spare parts warehouse, which allows us to intervene in a very dynamic and timely manner both on machines of our own construction and those of third parties, often being decisive to allow the resumption of production before in default
presse oleodinamiche
presse oleodinamiche
presse oleodinamiche

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